Project Value: $3M
Completion date: 2018
Project type: New build

‘I have worked with Winston Zhou in the delivery of a high-quality and significant residential project for an exacting client.

Winston is a builder who seeks to actively engage with the consultant team.  He does not work remotely, he is a problem solver and wants to drive solutions that respect the designer’s intent in order not to compromise on the outcome.

Winston brought to the project a wealth of experience across all aspects of the construction phase.  Like all great builders, he was always thinking three or four steps ahead.  The end result was never out of his mind.

I found Winston to be most passionate about his work and about achieving great outcomes for his Clients.  He is a person of integrity, who has a strong work ethic and great personality that makes working with him a delight.’

NBRS Architecture

Andrew Leuchars

(Director of NBRS Architecture)