Building Projects That Lasts

Experienced architectural builder in Sydney, Magico Constructions delivers quality buildings through architectural collaboration, communication, diverse skills, and expertise.

From providing construction advice at the outset to handing over the keys, the Magico Construction team is completely invested in the craftsmanship it takes to build an incredible home.

We want the owners of anything we build to be proud to call it ‘home’ for many years to come

Latest Technology for Optimal Transparency

We use a state-of-the-art cloud-based management software to connect and communicate with everyone on the project team including clients, architects, engineers, other consultants and subcontractors. This ensures that all parties access the same information and blueprints, and can share live updates
on-site or at any location.

Success for us is making our business partners look great for their clients. A major part of that is using the latest technology to help deliver high quality within the agreed work scope.

Find out more about our process in the video below:

Builder Architect Collaboration

Our Beliefs

Framework for Success

The team at Magico Constructions are guided by the following values and beliefs:


Valuing and respecting the expertise and experience of all project members


Utilising the latest project management technology and construction methods


Honesty and communication are paramount to ensure efficient delivery within budget.

We are also fully committed to providing safe working conditions for all project members, and adhere to the high standards of Health and Safety both on- and off-site.

Magico Constructions is mindful of protecting the environment for future generations and strives to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible. We favour the use of structural steel in our construction because of its eco-friendly benefits such as sustainability, recyclable nature and the fact that it is usually cut to order off-site resulting in less wastage.

Adding Value At Each Stage

Known for Our Attention to Detail

The ability to accurately construct what is intended is crucial, and we are highly respectful of any architectural vision, design specs and expertise.

But we also go above and beyond our customers’ expectations to add value to each project.

With our extensive experience, and qualifications in construction management and economics, structural engineering, and architectural design we are able to offer a unique perspective to any project management or building task.

We have a track record of identifying any upfront construction issues that may delay a project or blow out costs.

Most importantly, we offer an unparalleled attention to detail and the knowledge to offer alternative, practical solutions.

Experienced Architectural Builders Sydney
Experienced Architectural Builders Sydney

The Magico Team

A Perfect Balance of Specialist Skills

For Winston and Darren Zhou—the father and son team behind Magico Constructions— the professional satisfaction of doing an incredible job for their clients is the greatest reward.

They love making their business partners, whether architect or property developer, look good in front of their clients by efficiently delivering a quality project. But equally as important is the delight of a homeowner thrilled with their new home, or the gratitude of an investor who sells for a considerable profit.

Winston founded Magico Constructions in 2006 on the belief that every project should be built to the very best quality with care and integrity.

The experienced architectural builder in Sydney at Magico Constructions is your direct point of contact, taking full project responsibility for your complete peace of mind.


From Past Clients and Consultants

Over the years we have had the joy of working with many fantastic clients and business owners.

From clients to consultants such as architects, designers and engineers, to our trusted team of subcontractors.

Experienced Architectural Builders Sydney