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We ensure the safe, on-time delivery of your development project every time.

Magico mitigates risks
and prevents delays

Being developers ourselves, we know the importance of engaging an experienced and professional builder to ensure the safe, on-time delivery of your development project.

Magico Constructions not only has a proven track record of assisting developers successfully deliver projects, but also has robust systems and processes in place to drastically reduce risks and delays.

Our development experience also means we understand the critical importance of assessing project feasibility and mitigating risks.

7 Things To Consider
When Choosing the Right Builder

Outstanding Building Hacks On How To
Build Without Exhausting Your Budget :

Know the company and staff’s background

How vital is the testimonial from clients?

Treating the Subcontractors right

Is the Builder that you have chosen well-organized?

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The Magic Of Choosing Us

We are ethical builders

We pride ourselves in conducting business in an ethical and professional manner, in line with our code of conduct.

Well-experienced team

Our management team has well over 70 years of combined industry’s experience. We help our clients easily identify potential issues upfront which eliminates the risks of delays and cost blowouts.

Our value-adding process

Leveraging our team’s experience, we are able to identify opportunities in order to help add value for our clients. Our projects have a track record of selling above market-prices.

Established Reputation

We are old- fashioned in believing the importance of reputation and trust. We are proud of our work and the positive testimonials we have received which reflect our team’s dedication to our projects.

Attention to details
Our company’s ISO-standards ensures a consistent, high-quality build for all our projects. Having developed our own standards, assessments, checklists and systems, we prevent accidental mishaps.
Systems & Processes

Our clients have 24/7 access to our online cloud-management platform which enables them to view the project’s progress (via daily logs, site photos, program, etc.). Additionally, this platform enables us to provide a clear channel of communication for all stakeholders involved, ranging from owner, architect, consultants and trades.

Our Capabilities

Magico Constructions has completed a wide range of projects across both the residential
and commercial sectors over the last 14 years. We specialise in projects worth between $1M and $5M.

A proven track record

Established in 2006, we have a long track record of helping developers deliver projects on time and within budget.

Design and construct services

We can help you avoid uncertainties and reduce risks with our established and trusted network of consultants and trades.

Peace-of-mind service and communication

We provide peace of mind to developers: we provide regular project forecasts and updates via our online construction management platform.

Ethical and professional

We take pride in our company’s professionalism and ethical approach. When involved on a project, we take ownership and responsibility for the project’s final outcome.

Past Projects

Below are some of our showcase projects we have been involved in over the last 15 years.