Frequently Asked Questions

While most builders will provide you with a ‘guess-timated’ metre square rate and total cost, we take a more detailed approach when it comes to submitting our formal quotation. We believe that the ‘metre square-rate approach’ is unreliable as we work on architecturally designed projects with custom specifications. Fittings, fixtures and finishes can vary greatly from project to project and as such we tend not to use the metre square rate of approach.

Our tender process is a 3-Stage process.

  • Stage 1: involves a site visit and introductory meeting with the client/architect. During this initial stage, we will go through our company’s questionnaire to determine our project suitability for all involved parties.
  • Stage 2: occurs only after completion of the first stage. We prepare a Bill of Quantities (BOQ) for the project and we also submit our ROI (Request of Information) regarding any discrepancies in the drawings or to address our questions regarding the project.
  • Stage 3: is the submission of the formal proposal for the project. Upon submission of our quotation, we also offer an open tender review option whereby we will sit down with the client to go through our quotation and assist with cross-checking other tenders received. This ensures that the client is able to accurately compare tenders that have allowed for the same amount of Scope of Works (SOW).

Magico Constructions is able to look after all the co-ordination work that goes into a project from early concept drawings and Development Applications (DA) to full completion of construction work. We believe that the design component for any project plays a crucial role and as such, we prefer to engage architects to do the design work for our projects. Having an architect assisting with the design of the project adds tremendous value to the property and ensures that you end up with a unique property customised to your particular needs.

Unlike larger builder companies, our company’s directors are involved in each project. We are committed to limiting the number of projects we do each year so that we can complete them to our exacting standards, and give our clients the peace-of-mind that we will deliver great results. With larger companies, you run the risk of having multiple (and ever-changing) project managers leaving you with communication issues and a less than productive experience.

We provide our clients access to our online construction management software, which allows them to view daily site updates. Our company will also schedule regular on-site meetings with the client throughout the construction process. (usually once a fortnight). We believe in empowering our clients with this access so that they feel comfortable, involved and reassured that their project is in the best hands. This helps prevent misunderstandings, and also ensures our clients are able to voice any concerns or ask questions at every project stage.

We primarily work in the eastern suburbs and north shore region of Sydney, but are open to travelling farther afield depending on the project.

We use standard industry building contracts provided by either the Housing Industry Association (HIA) or Master Builders Association (MBA). Most commonly, either the ABIC Simple Works Contracts with Architect as Contract Admin, or the HIA New Dwelling Contract.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have (see ‘Contact Us’ page for details). We request that as the first step to our consultation process, you fill out a short questionnaire about your project so that we can determine the best way to assist you. You may also choose to book in a complimentary 15-minute consultation using the ‘Book My Free Call’ button at the top of the website.