Our 4-Step Tender Process

The tendering for builders varies between different companies. As such, we have developed our own 4-step tendering process over the years.

Often at times, builders may seek to use the simplistic ‘square-metre rate’ approach as it provides the quickest solution. However, this often puts the project at jeopardy of having multiple variations and being delayed.

As most builder companies may not come from a university background in quantity surveying, architecture, project management or structural engineering, the square metre approach is arguably the easiest way to generate a quote for a project.

At Magico Constructions however, rather than just trade qualifications, our management team is fully qualified with engineer-level professional construction qualifications and use only the best practice project management techniques to ensure your project is built on time and within budget”


Step 1 – Discovery and Consultation (5 working days)

  • Reviewing all drawings and documentation
  • Preparing a Scope of Works for the project
  • Identifying the construction methodology
  • Organising a site visit
  • Scheduling a meeting with the client of the project


Step 2 – Estimating and Taking Off (5-10 working days)

  • Sending off project details to our external Quantity Surveying (QS) team for a Bill of Quantity (BOQ) take off
  • Liaising with our QS to identify other potential cost-effective building solutions (‘Value-Engineering Solution’)
  • Conducting our own internal take-off and BOQ
  • Conducting site visit and identifying site conditions and restrictions
  • Preparation of tender packages for subcontractors and suppliers
  • Sending of tender packages to subcontractors and suppliers


Step 3 – Request for Information (RFIs) (1-5 working days)

  • Raise any questions regarding discrepancies between drawings/documentation
  • Contacting architects and consultants regarding any RFIs to clear up any ambiguities for the project
  • Reviewing BOQ from our external QS
  • Comparison between the BOQ from QS and our own BOQ


Step 4 – Finalising of the Proposal (1-5 working days)

  • Review of quotes from subcontractors and suppliers
  • Preparation of final proposal
  • Submission of proposal
  • Meeting with client to go through our proposal


Our tendering process ensures that our Proposal will be cost-accurate for the project whilst providing the client with a realistic construction timeframe.

The value this brings to our clients is that many potential issues are identified upfront and resolved prior to the commencement of construction. And thus, our clients are able to avoid unexpected variations during the construction process which may lead to a budget blowout.

For us, it is not about being involved in large amounts of tendering, rather we prefer only tendering on projects which we believe we’d be a great fit for. As such we treat each of our tendered project with upmost importance.

This is also the reason why many professional builders have now begun charging for their quotes as they have realised the value in which their proposal can bring to the client. Additionally, this investment of money and time can sometimes leave a sour taste when all the client wanted was to simply ‘shop around‘ in search of the cheapest quote.


If you have an upcoming project which you would like us to help with, simply fill in our contact form HERE

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