Attention to Detail

How Attention to Detail is Critical to Our Building Work

The motto of Magico Constructions is “Build with Quality”, so naturally attention to detail is critical to us when it comes to our projects.

So how does this translate in practice?

Our focus on attention to detail means that we place a great deal of emphasis on the build quality of our work and we are very passionate when it comes to our projects. We are strong believers that you are only as good as your last project, which is why we treat each project that we undertake with great care as though it was our own.

When it comes to construction, we are in it for the long-term. As such, we aim to develop long-term relationships with both the architects and clients that we work with. Working in high-end residential projects, we often work on owner-occupied projects. We understand that unlike an investor who might be focused more on the budget, home owner projects need to be constructed for long-term use.

Owners also want to be updated frequently regarding the project status.

This is why we use a cloud-based project management system which enables both the home owner and the architect to receive live updates from the construction site throughout the process. This eliminates the need to physically visit the site on a daily basis.

All drawings and discussions are also updated on the cloud to ensures that everyone is on the same page. More importantly this eliminates any potential misunderstandings and confusions over what is the most current version of any drawing.

We ensure all our team is committed to attention to detail – including all sub-contractors that we use on our projects. We make sure everyone working on the project has the same commitment to a high level of attention to detail that Magico Constructions has. This is accomplished through:

  • Our contractor tendering and review process;
  • By using cloud-based project management system that allows the latest plans and program to be updated in real time to avoid confusion; and
  • Regular onsite meetings to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to give their thoughts and suggestions that may help to improve the results of the project.

Why attention to detail is “in our blood”

Attention to detail is in our DNA for three main reasons:

  1. Our key staff has engineering and architectural degrees, meaning that they have extensive knowledge on both the design and construction aspects of building. Our team has undergone training to have attention to detail;
  2. We understand that that when it comes to residential home projects it is a personal and emotional project for the home owner. Which is why we want them to feel good about living in a home that has been built to last with great finishes; and
  3. Our experience in working on projects overseas in countries like Singapore and Japan that have a high expectation of attention to detail.

In summary, we are passionate about attention to detail and are committed to deliver quality projects that are built to last and make everyone involved in the project feel proud of the outcome.

If you are an architect that wants a builder who can turn your designs into built reality, we would love to discuss your projects with you.

Contact us now 02 8277 4314.

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