What to Look for in a Home Builder in Sydney

What to Look for in a Home Builder in Sydney

Building a home is an appealing choice for many future homeowners. It allows you to customize the design—both exterior and interior—to fit your taste and lifestyle.

Compared to buying an existing home, building your own home from scratch results in lower maintenance costs due to the lack of hidden surprises and uncertainties involved.

Since new homes are built in accordance with the current building codes (such as the NCC), you are ensured that the new built home will have no hidden problems and defects.

Building a new home also means that you will not have to worry about an old leaking roof, failure in heating systems, waterproofing issues and other common major repair issues.

Picking a Builder for your future home may seem like an easy task. However, always remember that haste makes waste. To ensure that you choose the right Home Builder in Sydney, you need to do a background check first.

Here are some Qualifications of a Home Builder in Sydney you should look out for:

1. They obtain the necessary license/s.

Anyone who oversees projects as a Builder in Australia must be licensed by the governing body of the state where they want to work. A Home Builder in Sydney needs to hold a builder’s license before doing any residential work valued at more than $5,000 in labor and materials. However, the Builder must be able to demonstrate that they have at least two years of relevant industry experience in various building construction works apply for a builder’s license in Sydney. In case the two-year requirement is not consecutive, the Builder should prove that they have completed two year’s full-time equivalent experience within ten years from the date of application. However, unpaid work shall not be counted as experience.

2. They hold a relevant degree and a White Card.

Each state in Australia has its own criteria for qualification as a licensed Builder. But in most states, like in Sydney, a Builder is required to complete a Certificate IV in Building and Construction. It is a sixteen-unit course program that provides the basics of the administerial tasks of a Builder, such as but not limited to reading plans and producing cost estimates. In addition, a Builder should also have one of the following:

  • Diploma of Building and Construction;
  • Bachelor of Housing or a Degree in Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Architecture, Housing, Construction, Construction Management, Construction Economics, Applied Science (Building), Quantity Surveying; or
  • Degree in Building, Construction, Construction Management, Construction Economics, Applied Science (Building), or Quantity Surveying.

Apart from a relevant degree, Sydney also requires anyone who seeks to work on a construction site to obtain a nationally recognized White Card. Holding a White Card is conclusive evidence that the Builder has completed an official, certified general induction training course with a registered organization within Australia. In gist, the induction training course covers the general safety requirements of an operational safety site.

3. They possess the characteristics of a trustworthy Builder.

Trust is an essential element in every working relationship, including Builder-Homeowner. One of the notable characteristics of a trustworthy Builder is transparency. A Builder who is being vague in conversations is a red flag. Before picking a Builder, note whether or not they have been transparent with their past and present dealings. You can know by observing how they entertain and answer your questions.  A trustworthy Builder does not mind being asked multiple questions. They also answer questions clearly and thoroughly.

Another characteristic of a trustworthy Builder is their value for quality over quantity. They do not brag about how many homes they have built but take pride in how many strong homes they have erected. You can trust a Builder by the quality of materials and tradespeople they select. You can determine that a Builder has a reputation for quality works by the testimonials of their previous clients.

Your home should be a place where you feel the most comfortable. Do not settle for less! Research on the prospective Builders you have chosen and make sure they tick off every qualification in the list above.

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