How to Choose the ‘Right’ Builder for Your Project

How to Choose the ‘Right’ Builder for Your Project

Selecting the right Builder is crucial to the success of your building project.

Without the right Builder, projects risk running over budget, being delayed and worse of all, being ridden with defects.

Below are some of the things you should consider when considering a Builder.

  • What is the company’s and staff’s background history?
    • Is it a relatively new building company? If so, then it is worth considering what experience the Builder may have prior to starting the company. The benefit of choosing an experienced and well-educated Builder is that they will have foresight to identify potential problems with your projects which will help eliminate costly variations and time delays.
  • Client testimonials can be misleading.
    • When reading past client testimonials, be wary of the authenticity and make sure to cross-check things. For example, you may cross check a testimonial to the project and ask to visit that project/site so that you can meet whoever left the testimonial. Not all client testimonials may be an accurate assessment of the Builder. (Similar to how online reviews may not always tell the real story)
  • NEVER choose the Builder who provides you with the lowest quote.
    • Generally speaking, you should NEVER choose the Builder who provides you with the lowest quote. The famous saying of ‘you get what you pay for’ is especially true when it comes to construction.
  • Ask to visit their current job site.
    • We are firm believers that you are only as good as your last project. Which is why we often encourage our potential clients to visit our most current job sites. It is not surprising that everyone has had at least one ‘outstanding’ project in their resume, but what distinguishes a great Builder from the norm is the ability to consistently deliver good-quality construction projects.
  • How systemised and organised is the Builder?
    • Ask how the Builder manage their projects and what systems and processes they have in place to ensure quality control. A well organised Builder will be using some sort of cloud-based project management tool and should have processes and standards in place. (Which could be in the form of having ISO-certification for Quality Control, Work Health & Safety and Environmental Management System)
  • Professionalism
    • Whilst many Builders claim to be a ‘professional’, few manage to really uphold this sense of professionalism. A true professional should be capable of arriving to meetings on time and conduct themselves in a professional manner in all forms of communication. This means no casual smiley-face emojis, no shorten forms of ‘thanx’ or ‘cu’, no penny-pinching in cutting costs to do with having a company website or proper email address.
  • Check that validity of their licenses and insurance
    • If your residential building project involves less than 4 storeys, it is imperative that your Builder is capable and eligible for HBCF (Home Building Compensation Fund). Did you know that you can conduct a search regarding the validity of the Builder License and whether there are any pending court cases online?
  • Does the Builder ‘care’ about your project?
    • Chances are if you’re speaking to a large volume-based builder, your project will be treated as just another drop in the bucket to them. If the Builder truly cares about your project, they should be pro-active about scheduling site inspections, meetings with you to understand the goals of the project and display enthusiasm and interest.
  • Has the Builder done their ‘homework’ and do they ‘understand’ the project?
    • The easiest way to distinguish this is to see whether the Builder has mentioned any site-specific risks or restrictions for the project. Another way is to gauge this is to see whether the Builder was able to reflect your desired goals and expectations for the project.

The reality is that selecting the ‘right’ Builder for your project is a complex process which involves weighing multiple factors across the board before making the final decision.

If you are someone with limited/no previous construction knowledge, it is probably in your best interest to seek assistance from an experienced professional (such as an architect or project manager) during the project’s tender review stage.

Although this will mean investing a bit of money up front, we strongly believe that it is well worth the investment as it could easily save you thousands of dollars in variations later down the track.

If you have an upcoming project which you would like us to help with, simply fill in our contact form HERE.

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