Managing Director

Darren Zhou

Company Director

I first got a taste of building and construction back when I was just 15 years old. It was the first time I can recall waking up at before 5 am as we had a project on Central Coast.

Growing up, my father was a builder and I would often pitch in on construction sites starting with doing the manual labour, followed by bookkeeping and admin work. In the early days, I would literally be digging inside the trenches with a shovel and getting callouses on my hands.

After high school, I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture at UTS to get an insight into how architects derive their design solutions for each building project.

My years in university left me with a greater appreciation and understanding of architecture and the different perspectives an architect would have compared to a builder.

Although I was enthralled with the idea of giving life to a building from scratch through design concept through to construction, my greater passion was in the actual construction of a building project.

There was always something satisfying about physically creating something with your own two hands (especially if it resulted in you being drenched in sweat).

One of the things I love the most about construction sites is the comradery between tradesmen and the multi-cultural diversity on-site. I recall my father organizing site barbeques with different tradesmen to celebrate the kickoff and milestones for each project (when this used to be allowed back in the day). There is a mix of food coming from each tradesmen’s culture ranging from Greek, Chinese, Spanish, Lebanese, etc.

Another fond memory I have is when one of our clients gave us a red-packet bonus upon the completion of their home project.

The look of joy in their eyes to see their dream home come to life and the appreciation for the hard work we did, made it all worthwhile. What is even better is that when they went to sell their property several years later, they had two buyers fighting one another to get hold of the property. The buyers even asked ‘Who is the builder? They did a great job!’.

Throughout the years I have taken on a collaborative approach when it comes to working together with architects, owners, developers and tradesmen.

What I’ve found to be the secret recipe is for everyone involved in the project to ensure that there is mutual respect and trust in one another.

You get the best results when everyone involved is brainstorming and genuinely asking the question ‘how can we make this project better?’.

Some of the best suggestions we have had in the past came from our team of tradesmen that leveraged their practical experience in problem-solving solutions to ensure that the design intent of the project is retained.

It doesn’t matter what kind of building project it is; big or small, all building projects require teamwork and teamwork makes the dream work.

It is through this collaborative approach and emphasis on quality above all else that Magico Constructions is known.

The reason why we say BUILD WITH QUALITY as part of our company banner is that we never fail to consider how we can build things ‘better’ and ensure that the building can withstand the test of time.

Having been involved in projects ranging from single-dwelling homes to multi-stories dwellings, one thing that gives us satisfaction is in knowing that we helped to deliver a well-built home/space for the end-user.

Knowing that we’ve made a REAL DIFFERENCE in their life and have left behind a legacy of our own that will stand the test of time is what we take pride in.

One of our key points of difference is that we are always willing to take that extra bit of time and care in ensuring a better-quality build. We are strong believers in helping to add value to our clients.

As all our past clients can attest, we are passionate builders that are known to go the extra mile for our clients. If there are opportunities to help add more value to the property or to make future development/extensions easier, we will help our clients to do so.

Our PASSION lies in the work that we do, and we are proud of the work that we deliver.

It is this passion and dedication to construction that drives me.
That’s what makes me want to wake up every day at 5 am.

That is why when you speak to us about any construction project, you will see the sparkle in our eyes and the dedication our team has for every project we are involved in.

This is my story—our story.