7 Things to Consider Before You Build

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7 Things to Consider Before You Build

Looking to build your next project and in need for some advice as to what to be aware of?

Not to worry, this article will help to lay down the some of the groundwork.

Below are some key factors to consider before you begin construction.


1.  Choosing the right Architect to help with the Design.

We can’t stress how important it is to have an Architect on board to help with your project’s design. Although the costs of engaging an Architect is typically higher than that of a draftsman, we strongly believe that it is worth the investment. Having a well-designed project will not only help add value to the property, but more importantly will help to improve the user’s experience of the building.

A well-designed building can help to invoke a feeling which will affect the user’s emotional well-being. (for better and for worse) Studies show that a well-designed space can help people heal faster in hospitals, learn better in institutions or elevate the user’s mood.

2. Make sure your project has the right amount of details.

Before you go out looking for a ‘quote’ for your project, you should ensure that you have sufficient information regarding the project’s details. We recommend holding off on getting quotes until you have finalised the scope of works for your project.

Without sufficient details, any quotes you received are likely to be unsubstantiated and can often be misleading. A common mistake we see is owners asking for quotes based on just a DA-stamped drawing. You should wait until you have at least the following documents:

  • Survey Plan;
  • Schedule of finishes / Specifications;
  • Architectural drawings (Plans, Elevations, Sections, etc.);
  • Structural Engineering drawings;
  • Stormwater / Sewer Diagrams

3. Have your finances in place.

Although obtaining a project’s finances is becoming increasingly more difficult. It is important to first have your finances in place before you begin getting quotes on the project and begin construction.

You are more likely to be taken seriously and given accurate quotes if you have obtained pre-approval for your finances on the project. It goes without saying that no one wants to ‘waste their time’. This is especially true in construction as the quoting process for a builder can often take weeks to complete.

4. Have a realistic budget.

The word ‘budget’ is often considered to be taboo when it comes to construction projects. However, being transparent with your budget upfront during the design stage of the project can help prevent future heartbreaks. Too often people begin designing or even constructing their project without first obtaining an accurate construction cost estimate on their project. It may be worthwhile considering spending a few thousand dollars on a Bill of Quantities from a Quantity Surveyor as it could lead help prevent you from getting a  hefty variation on your project which could cost many times more.

5. Know thy neighbours.

This is something that is often neglected by new home owners who just purchased their property. We can’t stress how important it is to know your neighbours and vice versa. Having a good relationship with your neighbours are crucial as they could potentially object against your DA submission, which may result in your project being rejected and having to be re-designed. By having a good relationship with your neighbours, this will help to mitigate any potential complaints that may arise.

6. Always do your own research.

You should always conduct your own research first. (This applies to the earlier points mentioned) Unlike the olden days whereby there was no internet, information is now readily available and is often just a search away. Though that’s not to say that the internet will always provide you with the ‘right’ information as you will need to cross-check your sources, it is a good starting point.

7. Selecting the right Builder.

Choosing the right Builder can be difficult. For most people, referrals are normally the way in which they decide on the Builder. (This is a topic we will cover more in depth in the following blog post.) To get you started though you should consider the following: company history, project experiences, quality of past project completed, visit their current construction jobsite.

8. Enjoy the experience

Assuming you have done your due diligence with the above 7 factors which were mentioned, your project should be off to a good start. For most people, a construction project is something that they will only experience once in their lifetime. As such, we recommend you enjoy the experience that come with it. Though the process will be stressful at times, it should be rewarding at the end of the project. Finding a Builder that is passionate about their work will help to make the overall experience enjoyable and rewarding.

If you have an upcoming project which you are experiencing problems with, we’d love to help.

Simply fill out our contact form HERE and we will get in touch with you to see how we can assist you with your project.

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