What Professionalism Means to Us

What Professionalism Means to Us

You hear it all the time.

I’m a professional… We are professionals… Professionalism… You get the point.

So many people claim to be ‘professionals’ and to exude ‘professionalism’. But here is what the word means to us.

To be a professional, you’ve got to at least act professional and always do so regardless of who the other person is.

And by that, I mean you’ve got to at start with the basic fundamentals of showing respect to the other person (regardless if they are your client, business collaborator, supplier, subcontractor, or even staff that is working under you)

So many people claim to be professionals when they struggle to even be able to do the basics.

The simple gesture of being punctual shows that you have at least respect of the other person’s time. I’m sure most business owners can relate to the cliché saying that ‘time is money’ and that time is the most valuable commodity we all have.

There’s little excuse for tardiness if you’re claiming to be a true ‘professional’. (Albeit that Sydney’s traffic can be unforgivable at times)

Outside of punctuality, professionalism to me means that you have some level of integrity. For example, we always value transparency with our clients.

Having integrity starts with honesty and having a strong sense of morals and ethics.

As Zig Ziglar once said ‘With integrity, you have nothing to fear, since you have nothing to hide. With integrity, you will do the right thing, so you will have no guilt.’

If a budget is unrealistic or not suitable for us, we’ll say it. If our on-going commitments to other projects mean that we won’t be able to take on more projects, we’ll say it.

Those in the construction industry has no doubt experienced the following before.

A builder is invited to quote for an upcoming project and expresses interest in the early stages. However, because they are already running over-capacity, they haphazardly submit a ‘quote’ that comes in 50% or even 100% more than all other quotes.

That is just not professional.

It is our promise to our clients that we are builders that value professionalism and integrity. We firmly believe that transparency in communication is what helps to uphold both. (It’s why our business cards are designed to be the way they are)

So if you’re sick of dealing with builders that claim to be ‘professional’ and want to work with a reliable builder that values professionalism, contact us HERE.

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